Foreign Currency Checking Account

The Foreign Currency Checking Account (CCME) facility of Banco Confidence enables you to transact in foreign currencies for both inward and outward remittances and for check clearing.

These receipts can come from hotel reservations and tourist packages sold to foreigners travelling to Brazil.

Account models: Outbound and Inbound.


How It Works


  • Tourism agencies and operators and tourist service providers.
  • Companies managing international credit cards.
  • Transportation companies residing, domiciled or headquartered abroad.
  • Foreign exchange brokers and distributors of securities.
  • Companies implementing and executing energy projects.
  • Government agencies or companies authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil.
  • Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (ECT), the Brazilian postal company.
  • Insurance, reinsurance and reinsurance brokerage companies.
  • International organizations, embassies and foreign delegations.


Key Benefits:

  • Convenience, safety and speed in operations.
  • Team specialized in guiding clients on operating this type of account.
  • Hedge against exchange variations.
  • Access to SWIFT¹ to perform international transactions.
  • Ease of carrying out transactions through Internet Banking.
  • Availability of a bank channel for clients to receive funds in foreign currency.
  • Planning of payment flows (advance finalizing of foreign exchange contracts to maintain the balance in account for use when required).


¹ The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) enables the exchange of messages among financial institutions through a highly secure environment in which every financial institution has its own address, called the SWIFT or BIC Code.

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